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All images captured by Melissa Toledo.

Toledo Images creates custom photography for your business marketing and promotion needs.

Great Photos Await

If you're ready to create fresh images for your Brand, we're here to help. This photography service is a quick and straightforward way to create fresh professional photos for your marketing campaigns and social media platforms. 


Melissa believes in collaboration and every project includes a consultation to discuss the imagery's purpose and develop a game plan. So, if you're looking for a clean shot in front of an urban background, a lifestyle image at your workspace, or something more moody and bold, we can do it.

Photo sessions are typically on-location and aim to capture scenarios focusing on your brand experience.


Take a glance at our top-rated packages. We also offer tailored packages that cater to your unique requirements and budget.


For these sessions, Melissa captures fantastic lifestyle candids and posed shots. This package is perfect for most business needs, social media posts, marketing campaigns, monthly product pics, blog posts, and more.

- $250: 30 Minute session. Includes 5 photos.

- $400: 1 Hour session. Includes 8 photos.

- $500: 1 Hour session. Includes 10 photos. MOST POPULAR!

- $750: 1-1/2 Hours session. Includes 15 photos.

- $1,000: 2 Hours session. Includes 20 photos.

After the initially purchased time, the Photographer's fee is $200/hour and is available in 15-minute increments.

Additional costs include but are not limited to, additional photos, Crew Members, Makeup and/or Hair Artists, and Travel.  Day rates are available. We do not distribute RAW files and maintain the copyright for our photos.


Click the "Get In Touch" form below to talk with us about your needs. 

We look forward to working with you. 

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