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All images captured by Melissa Toledo.

Portraits & Headshots

Toledo Images creates photos that represent you.

If you're ready to update your avatar with a fresh, professional image, this service is for you. Over the years, Melissa has developed her own method for taking a fantastic portrait...she likes to keep things simple.  


During the session, Melissa communicates and reviews photos on-site to ensure everyone is happy. Afterward, only the best images move forward for online review and our clients always make the final selections. 


This photography service is perfect if you're looking for an affordable and straightforward way to create fresh professional photos that represent you.


Here's a look at our most popular packages. Custom packages are available to suit your specific needs. 


Perfect for business profiles, social media, models, actors, dating sites, and as a gift. Outdoor sessions only.

NATURAL LIGHT SESSION - Melissa is a master manipulator of available light and shadows and uses her skill to capture stunning photos wherever you are.

- $250: 30-Minute session. Includes 2 photos.

- $400: 1-hour session. Includes 3 photos.

- $750: 2-hour session. Includes 8 photos.

WITH PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSISTANT & PROFESSIONAL LIGHTING - This is the perfect option if you're looking to get studio lighting results on-location. Our PA is an extra crew member on set and manages the lighting kit.

- $300: 30-Minute session. Includes 2 photos.

- $475: 1-hour session. Includes 3 photos. MOST POPULAR!

- $875: 2-hour session. Includes 8 photos.


Employee Portraits can be done all at once or as needed. 

15-MINUTE SESSIONS PER EMPLOYEE - We come to your business and will work with you to identify the look and feel for your new photos.

All packages include:

• 2 final JPGs of each employee.

• Photographer's Assistant.

• Roll-Up Backdrop & Lighting Kit.

• Computer for instant reviews and approvals.

- $1,050: 2-hour session. Up to 4 Employees.

- $1,830: 3-hour session. Up to 7 Employees. MOST POPULAR!

- $2,625: 4-hour session. Up to 10 Employees.

- Day rates are available.

The Photographer's fee on set after the originally purchased time is $150/hour.

Additional costs include, but are not limited to, additional photos, Crew Members, Makeup and/or Hair Artists, and Travel.  Day rates are available. We do not distribute RAW files and maintain the copyright for our photos.


Click the "Get In Touch" form below to talk with us about your needs. 

We look forward to working with you. 

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