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The One Thing Everyone Wants to Know.

Often, I'm asked, "What's your favorite thing to photograph?" 📸

The truth is, that's a tricky question for me because as a freelance photographer, I photograph lots of cool stuff. These past two weekends were fantastic examples of what I consider "joyful gigs" as I documented two exciting events put on by Portland Parks & Recreation.

First up was the Yard Tree Giveaway - where homeowners drove up and received free trees for their properties. 🌳🥰📸 Then, the 2023 Arbor Day Celebration - complete with more free tree giveaways, the planting of new park trees, and a speech by Commissioner Ryan 🌳🥰

If you're interested in learning more about my business photography services, take a look around our website. Use the "Get In Touch" Form if you have questions.

-Melissa Toledo, Photographer


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