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Big Photography, Little Studio

Toledo Images has our own private 200-sq foot studio in SE PDX and it's a perfect spot to get your product photography captured. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Our client is a local business owner with a line of 8 products. They were in need of fresh image assets for online sales. The brief called for realistic images on white. Taking into account for social distancing guidelines, all the Products were delivered to the studio. Images go straight to the computer, so on-line approval was a snap.

If you’re a small business selling goods and are in need of photography, feel free to use our "GET IN TOUCH" form below and let’s see if we can do some business together. 👍🏼 📸

Gear list:

Nikon Z-7, Mac Pro, 2- 800w Digi Bees w vertical strip lights, 1-800w AlienBees, Savage Seamless Background Paper - #66 Pure White.



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